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Category Archives: Outdoors

02.09.11 Winter day at Conner Prairie (7/365)

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.
Fishers, Indiana.


02.03.11 Tim and a remnant hunk of our two day ice storm (3/365)

This double layer piece of ice is part of the reason why my car didn’t leave the garage and I ended up working from home today. Of course, four hours of my day were spent getting this stuff off of the driveway so I can drive to work tomorrow.
Kids were ice skating down the street and through front yards.
Many people fell on their asses including myself.
Welcome to Indiana.

02.02.11 Ice Storm Day Two: Little Rubber Frog on the Front Porch

Day two of the ice storm; snowed in. I found this little toy rubber frog and used the 70-300 mm lens. He’s not as sharp as I’d like nor is the lighting what I wanted.
I tried using a flat Bankers Box as a reflector, but with 30 mph gusts, reflectors just aren’t part of the scenario. Golden ratio crop.

02.01.11 Ice Storm Round Two: Front Porch

My photo sabbatical is over.
Hello everyone.
We were iced in today and looks like tomorrow is more of the same.
Let the cabin fever begin.

Just checking in on my favorite fence post.  Somewhere in Mount Comfort, Indiana.

It was cold. Really cold. And it was Famous Hoosier Day at Pleasant View Elementary.

The snow fell enough in the twenty minutes I was inside for the program and the windshield had just started to ice over. This was shot after ten minutes of 80 degree defrost going full tilt. I have a thing for macro shots of raindrops on windshields and the distorted shape of the tree through the melting ice caught my eye.

for Kelly

An interesting question/point came up during my interview with Mannequin over at Fractured Toy. She remembers that all of the roads in Indianapolis are white. I’m stumped.

Any thoughts? Anyone?