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An interesting question/point came up during my interview with Mannequin over at Fractured Toy. She remembers that all of the roads in Indianapolis are white. I’m stumped.

Any thoughts? Anyone?



  1. They were! I’m going to Google it. You’ll see! UNLESS…it was road construction or some force of nature beyond my control.

  2. I know why, when it snows they are white, then after all the salt stuff goes down they stay white forever!!! (I am an indy folk too)

  3. By golly, I think you’ve solved the riddle. Thanks Karissa!

  4. Maybe….
    I think it WAS wintertime. And I WAS tired. But it WAS white. You know… it was right by the speedway, I could see it to my left.

  5. No, you’re not crazy.

    You have to remember {or maybe I never told you} that I’m a Hoosier By Proxy.

    I’m originally from the South {Georgia and Florida} so I really don’t know exactly what’s going on around here except that we actually have seasons that change, Huge Tenderloin sandwiches, incredible Kettle Corn, and some of the kindest, hard-working people I’ve ever met.

    Anyway, like Karissa said, it was most likely the snow and salt on the ground.

    As soon as I see it this winter, I guarantee I’ll post it in honor of you.

  6. yeah, i was going to say its the salt. miss you guys.

    • Miss you guys too! Sorry it took me a while to see/read your comment…it’s been a bit wacky here.
      And yes, I think it all has to do with the salt.
      Welcome to Summer.

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