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jake in the remnants of the hail storm

02.09.11 Winter day at Conner Prairie (7/365)

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.
Fishers, Indiana.

02.05.11 Winter time portrait of Jake in the driveway

So Jake comes out after I finish shooting Julia’s pictures and I’ve put away the ladders (hint, hint, anyone wanting to gift me a super-wide angle lens?) and is ready to have his photos taken.
Why not? This 365 thing is certainly something to be part of.
And yes, Day Six is on the same date as Day Five in my 365.
And yes, I like to use HTML tags.

02.05.11 I took a photo sabbatical and Poof, my model grew up

We received six inches of snow today.
So after clearing the driveway we took a trip to the store and brought along the camera.
Figured we’d do a shot with the sun behind her head but, yet again, I’m either getting and using reflectors or moving into the realm of off-camera flash.
So we shot at home, in the snow, in the little bit of sun that we had left.

I made the mostly SOOC version (crop and ‘eye spike’), a Black and White, and this; which I simply call “Desatch”. I convert the B/W and drill the opacity to around 60%.
Nice to have you back Jules.

02.03.11 Tim and a remnant hunk of our two day ice storm (3/365)

This double layer piece of ice is part of the reason why my car didn’t leave the garage and I ended up working from home today. Of course, four hours of my day were spent getting this stuff off of the driveway so I can drive to work tomorrow.
Kids were ice skating down the street and through front yards.
Many people fell on their asses including myself.
Welcome to Indiana.

02.02.11 Ice Storm Day Two: Little Rubber Frog on the Front Porch

Day two of the ice storm; snowed in. I found this little toy rubber frog and used the 70-300 mm lens. He’s not as sharp as I’d like nor is the lighting what I wanted.
I tried using a flat Bankers Box as a reflector, but with 30 mph gusts, reflectors just aren’t part of the scenario. Golden ratio crop.

02.01.11 Ice Storm Round Two: Front Porch

My photo sabbatical is over.
Hello everyone.
We were iced in today and looks like tomorrow is more of the same.
Let the cabin fever begin.

It’s our 17 and a half year anniversary. I always wanted to take her picture in the middle of Main Street. Yes, I’m crazy about her. Welcome to July everyone.

Julia takes a jump during halftime on the artificial turf of Field One at the Goebel Soccer Complex in Evansville, Indiana.