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02 Feb 2011

My name is Rob. Well, it’s Robin, but lots of people call me Rob (among other things).
Kitchen Tent Photography is/was the name of my photography persona/entity…

Lifestyle portraiture & artful interior images {primarily and preferably} in natural & ambient light by Robin Martin.
Located in metropolitan Indianapolis, Indiana.

I still shoot portraits and places and things for interesting (and kind) people. If you’re interested just let me know in a comment here on the About Page or on one of the Photo Posts. Otherwise, thanks for the visit. I am grateful for any and all Questions, Comments, and Advice. Please feel free to post it all.




  1. This is soo cool Rob. Very very professional looking. Do you remember Sara Wilhelm? She does kids photography. She has a really professional looking site too. This rocks!!!

  2. Hi,

    Really good photos. Was just wondering what camera are you using?

  3. Hello and thanks.
    I’m using a Canon Powershot S3 IS. All images throughout this photoblog have been taken with the S3.

  4. Regarding the comment above, I’m primarily now shooting with a Nikon D40x.

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