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Kristeens – a boutique jeweler

Zionsville, Indiana



  1. oh my. I once tried to photograph my diamond and thereafter realized that jewel photography is not for the weak of heart.
    Does it have to do with slow exposure? Like capturing the moon, perhaps?
    Then again, maybe I’m stupid.

  2. In a way, it really is like shooting the moon…it all comes down to light.
    I shot these a little after 11 am EDT in the morning. Clear blue skies and lots of sunshine.
    I used a lightbox made with white crepe paper to diffuse the light. No flash.
    I’m a huge fan of using a tripod which really helps diminish any camera-shake.
    Like shooting the moon, I simply adjust the exposure and aperture until I get the tone I’m looking for.
    Let me know if I can be of help…I’d love to see how your diamond photography turns out!

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