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  1. very nice…

  2. is this a real glass’ photo that you took?>

  3. really good.

  4. thanks.
    Yes Giselle, this is a real glass!

  5. simple et raffiné

  6. How did you take it so artistically? I mean.. which camera did you use..? Was there any particular setting?

  7. You are very kind!
    I use a Canon Powershot S3. Technically a ‘point and shoot’ camera, but with lots of options for different modes.
    Some basic details:

    Exposure: 1/60 (0.017) seconds
    Aperture: f/2.7
    Focal Length: 6.9 mm
    White Balance was set to ‘Daylight’.

    I rarely use any flash and this was done with late afternoon sunlight coming through the windows at 5.48 pm eastern time.

    Does this help? I’ll post another shot from the same ‘session’ where I was focused on still life shots of water. This one is still my favorite, but the next one (with ice cubes) was lots of fun as well.



  8. This is excellent and extremely difficult to master at times. This is well executed.

  9. thank you so much.

  10. Wow.. u wont even guess for a moment that it was a shot taken in the afternoon…

  11. n yes.. please do put up the ice cube pix.. im sure it would be interesting.. 🙂

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