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  1. Hi Robin,
    Your photography is beautiful!

    I am looking forward to learning so much for all of the people who post over at Ree’s!

    Your blog is great looking!
    I like you style :o)

  2. Darn. “I like your style.”

    I do that you/your thing all the time.
    I have to be more careful ;o)

  3. Miz Booshay,
    you can post misspellings anytime on my blog!
    Thanks for the kind comments…and thanks for sharing your awesome images and PS tips!

  4. this is beautiful. thank-you for the comment : ) Finding the bottles was very cool. Finding how and why they were originally used was even better though. I wasn’t quite sure how to photograph them though, that type of photography is not my forte, but i enjoy taking pictures any time of anything.
    I’ll definitely keep up with your beautiful photographs.
    have a lovely day,

  5. thanks so much Caitlin.

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